Vistula1 6

711 Locust St., Toledo, OH 43604 419-244-2836 View Map

New Heritage Village

Studio, 1, 2, 3, 4Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
IB Income Based
FM Family

Property Features

Newly Renovated

This property was recently renovated.

Residential Services

This property provides additional services for residents.

Some Units Have A/C

Some units for this property contain A/C.

Cable Available

All units are cable ready, cable not included with rent.

Some Units Have Off Street Parking

Some units for this property have off street parking.

Computer Lab

This property has computer(s) for residential use.


This property features a playground.


This property features environmental-friendly solar panels.

Utilities Included

All utilities are included in rent at this property.

What Our Residents Say:

I love how spacious and well maintained my apartment is.
Treylyn R.
Vistula1 6
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