Doves Manor 9

1040 Brookview Dr, Toledo OH 43615 419-389-9999 View Map

Doves Manor

1 Bathrooms
IB Income Based
62+ Senior Living 62+

Property Features

Caretaker On-Site

This property features a caretaker on-site.

Residential Services

This property provides additional services for residents.

Air Conditioning

This property features central air conditioning.

On-Site Laundry

This property features an on-site laundry facility for all residents.

Off Street Parking

This property has private, off street parking.

Community Space

This property features community space for residents.

Computer Lab

This property has computer(s) for residential use.


This property is a non-smoking residence.

Utilities Included

All utilities are included in rent at this property.

Basic Cable Included

Basic cable is included for residents.

What Our Residents Say:

I like staying in my apartment, and I love the computer room.
M. P.
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