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Madonna Homes

In late 2008, the Catholic Diocese and Vistula oversaw the installation of the largest hot water solar energy system on any low-income housing complex in the state of Ohio. This project consists of 48 Heliodyne Gobi 410 solar panels mounted on the roof to take advantage of the sun's abundant natural energy. We have installed a double wall heat exchanger and a 2000 gallon insulated storage tank to supplement the collectors. We have also installed a camera on the roof and monitoring instruments which feed data to a large video monitor in the entrance area so that residents and visitors can see exactly how much energy is (and, by implication, how much CO2 is not) being produced at any one time. It is anticipated that the solar hot water system will provide approximately 40% of the building's domestic hot water.

Michaelmas Manor

In addition to the project at Madonna Homes, in the fall of 2009, a 20-kw photovoltaic solar array went active at Michaelmas Manor. There are over 100 Sharp photovoltaic collectors and two grid tied inverters together with a video monitor similar to that at Madonna Homes.These panels are currently providing a substantial part of the common area lighting for the building.